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Who do you know?

Who else do you know who wants to pass the Alberta Insurance Licensing Exam ? Who else is overwhelmed by the complexity of the information provided in the standard Study Material for the Alberta Insurance Broker Licensing Exam?

Finally, here is clear, plain English, easy to understand and accurate exam prep Information to help you PASS THE TEST without having to spend a fortune or travel and sit in a classroom for a week!

Welcome to the Alberta Insurance Exam Prep Web Site

My name is Alain Gauthier and over the past few years I have helped many students prepare for the Alberta General Insurance Level I Certification Exam.

I was a Facilitator for one of the largest Personal & Casualty Insurance Brokerage in Canada at our Professional Development Centre located in Edmonton, Alberta.

Among the many other insurance courses I taught, I facilitated a Five Day Level One Course. In my classrooms, I have met students of various educational and career background. Some were entering their 3rd or 4th careers; some were just out of high school; some had English as their first language and struggled with the English language; while others had not been in school or open a book to study for decades, and then there were a few who did not do well at school.

Many were fearful and had little confidence and were full of bad memories about taking an exam. However they all had one thing in common, they were hired on the condition that they pass the test and the STRESS WAS TANGIBLE in the classroom. That was a lot a pressure for them to pass the test. Some had studied on their own for a while and were totally confused or overwhelmed. Prior to introducing the material in this course many failed the test on their first try. This was really frustrating for me as a professional trainer, something had to be done.

Based of my many years as a facilitator and adult educator, I KNEW there had to be a better way to teach this course. So I decided to review the material I used and change it. I added Mind Maps, Studying and Exam Preparation Tips, modified hand outs, updated practice exams...

After failing to pass the level 1 exam after two tries, I decided to purchase this course.

I watched all the videos(taking notes) and did the practice exams 3 times each. I was able to pass the level 1 successfully with an 80%.

Thanks Alain! Your course put me over the top!

Marlon S (Calgary) (April 2013)


It worked!

The success ratio went up, stress in the classroom was way down. Students were 'getting it' and many went on to successful careers as brokers in the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry.

Based on this early success, I wanted to make this course even better! Soon, I added more handouts. I did interviews with other trainers and trainees to see what worked for them. I polled my students to see how we could make the material better. I read hundreds of pages of learning materials from outside sources. All this on my own time as I believed there were additional materials that could be added to the course guaranteeing even better student success ratios, and now you have those available to you.

"This message is for all of you that are finding an overload of information to learn.

I know that if I had just studied the binder that was sent to me on this course, I would not have made it. Alain and Gord you have an awesome site!

Anyone who is considering taking the Insurance course, I would highly recommend this site. It will truly help you understand the insurance business and the material needed to pass the test."

Thanks, Diane


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After a short while, the passing rate on the first try went up to 80%, and even higher (90%) by the second try.

Note: As of the end of 2012, we have a 97% passing rate for students taking the courses from this web site.

Well, I did it, I passed the Level 1 Course today on my first try!!! Yay!!!

I wanted to say the combination of your online course, followed by the end of chapter review questions in the binder made all the difference.

If I could give people one piece of advice, memorise the (SPF1 2004) form located here under ’Other Printable Resources’. It is amazing how many test questions are based on that form!!

Danielle G. (May 2013)


In late spring of 2013, the Alberta Insurance Council made some changes to the Licensing exam again. The AIC added Commercial Insurance questions, extended the exam to 2 hours and started using the SPF 1 2007 instead of the previously used 2004 version. So, we added a bunch a new lessons to fit the new exams on the Levels I & II courses.

So, wherever you are in life or on your path to this General Insurance Level One Exam, or even getting ready for the Level II, the methods, materials and proven tips on this site will help you..

With all that research and classroom experience, I've gained a huge amount of knowledge about exam preparation. As an experienced facilitator, it is my goal to see that all of my students pass the test, so I'd like to share my knowledge with you.

And, I am sharing all of the exam prep and study tips for free. Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information about exam preparation and study tips. Click here for the FREE adult learning toolbox & exam prep courses below, where you'll receive FULL ACCESS to all the mini-course sessions right away.

  1. You will discover How People Learn and The 4 Competency Levels
  2. You will receive Proven Study Tips for any type of exam
  3. You will learn to use Mind Mapping techniques for studying, taking notes and preparing for exams.
  4. You will gain confidence with great Exam Tips (you will know how to beat exam jitters and be successful at writing exams) stress management techniques and review tips for before and during the exam
  5. You will look at the Structure of the Level One Exam and access the Full Level One Course Outline
  6. You will get access to an additional 7 videos for a total of 13 videos as Bonus with your FREE membership.

In addition to these Exam and Study tips, you will get access to some of the Full Course Materials with: Property Insurance, Fire Policies -Statutory Conditions Session, and Session 1.1 of the Full Course, the Introduction to General Insurance Video.

Click here to read why we think that Online Training is better than a Live (in-person) classroom.

In this last module, I will show you how I can make otherwise confusing information look simple and much easier to remember for the exam.

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Yeah I passed!

Just wanna say thank you very much Alain!
I passed the Level One exam on this Monday with 81%.


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I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks so much for your help on the Alberta Insurance Exam.

I just completed Level 1 with an 80% on my first try! I relied solely on the website's videos, study notes, practice exams, mind maps and of course, the forum.

I also appreciated your timely responses to my emailed questions. Your site saved me a lot of study time!!

Thanks again,

Trevor K. , Cochrane, AB


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All the best,

Alain (Allan) Gauthier, Certified Professional Trainer
Edmonton, Alberta Canada


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